High Flexion Total Knee Arthroplasty – Mid-Term Follow Up of 5 Years

S Endres*, A Wilke
Orthopädie und Unfallchirurgie Elisabeth-Klinik Bigge/Olsberg, Heinrich-Sommer-Str. 4, D-59939, Olsberg, Germany

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Because of demographic changes, ever greater demands are made of knee replacement systems by patients and surgeons. To meet these demands, knee joint systems with increased flexion are currently being marketed. The main hypothesis of the present study was to evaluate the functional outcome of a high flexion TKA in amid-term follow up. 75 consecutive patients (29 men and 46 women) who had primary arthritis of the knee with similar deformity and range of motion undergo TKA using a NexGen Cr Flex mobile.

Knee Society knee and functional scores and range of motion were assessed.

The follow-up duration was 5 years. There was a highly significant improvement in comparison to the preoperative status (p<0.005). The maximum flexion was 122° in mean and the mean KSS was 167 (SD: 21) at final follow up. Despite positive results in the first 5 postoperative years, the NexGen Cr Flex mobile TKA shows no advantages with regard to ROM and KSS compared to the recent literature. Long-term studies are needed to determine a superiority of high flexion knee implants versus traditional TKA´s.

Keywords: NexGen Cr Flex mobile, mid-term Follow Up, high flexion.