Initial Results of the S3-Humerus Plate

J Gille, A.P Schulz*, Ch Queitsch, A Paech , Ch Jürgens
BG-Trauma Hospital Hamburg, Bergedorfer Str., 10, D-21033 Hamburg, Germany

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Fractures of the humeral head account for 5% of all fractures and incidence increases with age. Depending on fracture form and patients age a wide variety of therapeutical options exist. Stable fractures can be treated conservatively, while the majority of unstable and displaced fractures require surgical treatment. Many different surgical options are available; open reduction and internal fixation are widely preferred. The S3 Proximal Humerus Plate is a contoured plate to match the complex shape of the proximal humerus. It is designed to be positioned distal to the greater tuberosity preventing subacromial impingement.

Between august 1 and 30, 2007, 5 patients meeting the inclusion criteria (that is primary operative stabilization within 7 days after trauma in a standardized way and minimal follow up period of 3 month) with acute fractures of the proximal humerus were treated with S3 Proximal Humerus Plate. Follow up was performed using the Constant Score. The mean age was 59.0 years. According to the Neer classification fractures were rated as Neer 2,3 and 4. A mean Constant score of 72.3 (57-86) points was obtained.

We did not observe any complications like humeral head necroses, loss of reduction, deep infection or breakage of the plate.

Keywords: S3 proximal humerus plate, proximal humerus fracture, subchondral support pegs, fixed-angle plate fixation.