Patella Infera in an HIV Positive Patient Following Total Knee Arthroplasty

The Open Orthopaedics Journal 7 Jan 2011 RESEARCH ARTICLE DOI: 10.2174/1874325001105010017


A lowering of the patella after total knee arthroplasty is accompanied by pain and a restriction of the range of motion. With its etiology being unclear at present, a multifactorial genesis is under discussion. For the first time, we present a case report describing an HIV infection as a possible cause of patella infera.

A 54-year-old HIV-positive woman developed patella infera (Insall-Salvati ratio 0.6) with a painful restriction of motion 18 months after implantation of a bicondylar surface prosthesis. By changing to a partially coupled endoprosthesis, distalization of the joint line and partial patellar resection, the patient was free of symptoms with a ROM of 0°/0°/110°.

All risk factors known from the literature could be excluded in this case, so that the presence of an HIV infection has to be discussed as a possible cause.

Keywords: Total knee arthroplasty, human immunodeficiency virus, patella infera.
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